Challenger Division

Updated Tuesday July 12, 2016 by NWLL.

  • Age Group: Ages 6-18
  • Field Size: 60-foot basepaths, Little League dimensions
  • Level of Play: Fun
  • Season(s): Spring (8 week season); Fall (4 week season)
  • Normal Game Schedule: Weekly on Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm
  • Normal Game Location: Friendship
  • Contact:

Background: Since 1983, NWLL has run a unique Challenger program for physically and mentally challenged youngsters who wish to participate. There are no applicable ‘boundaries’ since NWLL has the only such program in the District.

The rules and the spirit of our Challenger program are designed to spur friendly competition and instill the love of baseball. Challenger players are teamed with players from our Majors Division, who serve as “buddies” and help with fielding and hitting.

The NWLL Challenger Division is sponsored by TCH Group, LLC.